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A strategy for promoting adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Latin America”03/05/2014This document presents a description of the global CERCA strategy for promoting adolescent sexual health that was implemented in the three Latin American countries involved in the CERCA project.
A methodological model for developing, implementing and testing health promoting strategies.03/05/2014CERCA tested community-embedded interventions to improve adolescent communication on SRH issues; access to accurate SRH information; use of SRH services in primary health settings; and use of modern contraceptives.
Documento de referencia - Ecuador27/02/2014Documento de referencia - Ecuador
Informe Proyecto CERCA - Bolivia27/02/2014Informe Proyecto CERCA - Bolivia
Informe Proyecto CERCA - Nicaragua27/02/2014Informe Proyecto CERCA - Nicaragua
Documento de referencia27/02/2014Resumen Documentos de Referencia de Bolivia, Nicaragua y Ecuador

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